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Mackay, J D, Jackson, C R, and Wang, L. 2014. AquiMod User Manual (v1.0). Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/14/007).


Before starting, you’ll need to download the AquiMod software, which is available directly from the British Geological Survey website at:


The download package includes the AquiMod executable, located within the AquiMod folder, an example model build which is located within the CHexample folder, and a series of template files located in the Template folder which can be used when constructing a new model. If this is the first time you’ve used this software, we recommend that you copy all of the folders to your hard disk[1]

  • From the Start menu right-click Computer and select Properties from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Advanced System Settings in the left column. This will open the System Properties windows (Figure 2).
  • Under the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button.
Figure 2 System properties window.
  • Under the System Variables header find the Path variable and click Edit (Figure 3).
Figure 3 Environment Variables window.
  • At the end of the 'Path 'Variable value line, insert a semicolon followed by the address of the AquiMod folder. In the example shown in Figure 4 this folder was copied directly to the C-drive.
Figure 4 Edit System Variable window.

AquiMod is now ready to use.

Running AquiMod

The AquiMod executable is run using the Windows command prompt which can be accessed by typing ‘cmd’ into the search bar of the Start menu and hitting the return key. Once the command prompt has loaded, AquiMod can be run by typing ‘aquimod’ followed by the directory address of the model files separated by a space. The CHexample folder contains an example model build that is ready to run. In the command prompt type aquimod followed by the location of the CHexample folder as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Running AquiMod through the command prompt.

Notice that AquiMod provides output messages to indicate that the model run has completed. If you navigate to the Output folder, you’ll notice a series of files with the ‘.out’ extension. These are output files produced by AquiMod. They are text files that can be viewed in your text editor.


  1. IMPORTANT: The path address for the CHexample folder must contain no whitespace