OR/14/008 BGS Lexicon codes

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Aldiss, D T. 2014. The stratigraphical framework for the Palaeogene successions of the London Basin, UK. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/14/008)

This list of the units named Lithostratigraphical units used by BGS is in alphabetical order of Lexicon Codes (The BGS Lexicon of named rock units). Names in italic script are of informal units of member status.

Lexicon' Code' Name 'of unit'
BGP Bagshot Pebble Bed
BGS Bagshot Formation
BLB Blackheath Member
BRB Bracklesham Group
CLGB Claygate Member
CMBS Camberley Sand Formation
HWH Harwich Formation
LBED Laminated' Beds
LC London Clay Formation
LIST Lista Formation
LMBE Lambeth Group
LMCL Lower' Mottled Clay
LSCL Lower' Shelly Clay
MONT Montrose Group
OC Ormesby Clay Member
OH Oldhaven Member
RB Reading Formation
SAHP St Ann's Hill Pebble Bed
STHP Stanners Hill Pebble Bed
SWCL Swinley Clay Member
TAB Thanet Formation
THAM Thames Group
UMCL Upper' Mottled Clay
UPR Upnor Formation
UPSCL Upper' Shelly Clay
WAM Walton Member
WIDS Windlesham Formation
WL Woolwich Formation