OR/14/009 Appendix 1 - author citations for fossil species

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Woods, M A. 2014. Stratigraphical interpretations of Chalk Group macrosfossils from Sheet 254 (Henley-on-Thames) Autumn 2013. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/14/009)

Cremnoceramus crassus (Petrascheck, 1903)

Cremnoceramus deformis erectus (Meek, 1877)

Cremnoceramus denselamellatus (Kotsyubinsky, 1965)

Cremnoceramus waltersdorfensis (Andert, 1911)

Cremnoceramus waltersdorfensis hannoverensis (Heinz, 1932)

Inoceramus cuvieri J Sowerby, 1814

Inoceramus lusatiae Andert, 1911

Micraster leskei (Desmoulins, 1837)

Mytiloides ex gr. hercynicus (Petrascheck, 1903) – subhercynicus (Seitz, 1934)

Mytiloides mytiloides (Mantell, 1822)

Plagiostoma hoperi (Mantell, 1822)

Plesiocorys (Sternotaxis) plana (Mantell, 1822)

Plesiocorys (Plesiocorys) placenta (Agassiz, 1840)

Pycnodonte vesiculare (Lamarck, 1806)

Spondylus spinosus (J Sowerby, 1814)

Terebratulina lata Etheridge, 1881

Terebratulina striatula (Mantell, 1822)

Volviceramus involutus (J de C Sowerby, 1828)

Table 1    The stratigraphy of the Chalk Group referred to in this report (not to scale).
Figure 1    The Chalk succession at (7) of report [SU 65600 89175], showing horizon details of collected material.