OR/14/013 Conclusions and potential future developments

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Monaghan A A, Arkley S L B, Whitbread K, McCormac M. 2014. Clyde superficial deposits and bedrock models released to the ASK Network 2014: a guide for users Version 3 . British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/013.

Comments and feedback on the geological models are encouraged from ASK network members.

Improvements could be made to the Superficial Deposits Models by inclusion of more borehole data, increased section density, and improved artificial ground modelling. In particular, detailed sections could be made along infrastructure corridors and recent development sites.

Improvements could be made to the bedrock models by addition of higher resolution and more consistent geological interpretation to the deeper surfaces.

Future work aims to address comments made from ASK network users and hopefully to include data provided by them.

These models supercede the published BGS 1:10 000 scale maps of the Glasgow area. Updates in line with advances made in geological understanding of the area during 3D modelling are yet to be made to the maps.