OR/14/013 Model images

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Monaghan A A, Arkley S L B, Whitbread K, McCormac M. 2014. Clyde superficial deposits and bedrock models released to the ASK Network 2014: a guide for users Version 3 . British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/013.
Figure 5 Overview of superficial deposits model of Central Glasgow Superficial Deposits Model, looking NW, ten times vertical exaggeration.
Figure 6 Overview of bedrock surfaces modelled in the Central Glasgow Bedrock Model with data points from boreholes, mine plans and mapped outcrop shown.
Figure 7 Contoured map (metres relative to OD) on the base of the modelled Wilderness Till Formation across the 7 block models released to the ASK Network in March 2014.
Figure 8 Image of the Central Glasgow and Clyde Catchment faulted bedrock models, looking north-west, vertical exaggeration x 3, GE=green, bULGS=pale blue, BLLGS= dark blue, faults in red. 10 km buffer zone and area of Central Glasgow bedrock model in yellow.