OR/14/014 Processing report - Introduction

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Beamish D and White J. 2014. TellusSW: airborne geophysical data and processing report . British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/014.


The interpretations of the geophysical data and other information furnished and to be furnished to Company by CGG Airborne Survey are, to the best of the knowledge, information and belief of CGG Airborne Survey, prepared in accordance with accepted practice in the geophysical professions, but Company unconditionally agrees that:

(1) It has requested CGG Airborne Survey to prepare such interpretations and other information referred to herein based exclusively on its own advice and expertise;
(2) Except as specifically provided for in writing, Company acknowledges it is accepting all information subject to this agreement 'as is' and neither CGG Airborne Survey nor any of its representatives have made or will be deemed to have made any condition, representation, warranty or covenant expressed or implied (whether statutory or otherwise) as to:

  • Merchantability, performance, fitness for any particular use or purpose or suitability of the output data;
  • Any implied warranty arising from course of dealing or usage of trade; or
  • Any other representation or warranty whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the output data all of which are hereby waived, excluded and extinguished.

Except as specifically provided herein, Company agrees not to look to CGG Airborne Survey for damages or relief arising out of the failure of the data or information to produce a result which conforms to Company's expectations. Access to such data or information will be provided hereunder with the understanding and agreement that any action Company may take based thereon shall be solely at its own risk and responsibility. In no event will CGG Airborne Survey's maximum liability to Company in connection with the services performed hereunder, including without limitation resulting from breach of contract or any other performance or non-performance, exceed the amount of the compensation paid to CGG Airborne Survey for the data or information provided.


CGG Airborne Survey used a FMAG system to conduct an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over the 200 X 2000m Mag/Spec Area near Newquay/Cardiff, United Kingdom on behalf of BGS.

Award of the contract took place on June 2013 and mobilisation took place on 17 July 2013 following granting of the necessary authorisations and completion of on-site inspections.

Acquisition took place between 1 August 2013 and 2 January 2014, with the first production flight taking place on 1 August 2013; the final production flight on 2 January 2014.

The total combined area for production was for 60 323 line kilometres out of the planned 60 323 line kilometres. (Excluding the restricted area mutually agreed)

This report presents, in Part I, survey data, in Part II, logistics information, and, in Part III, processing information.