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Hulbert A G, Terrington R L. 2014. Metadata report for the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin 1:250 000 resolution geological model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/026.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

Used as a reference dataset. The DTM source was NextMap at a 200 m cell size resolution. A surface was then created from extracted points. Optimisation was performed to produce more triangles in areas of more detail.

Borehole data

Boreholes used in the model have been extracted from the Stratigraphic Surfaces database. The surfaces described in this report are based on structural contour data from the memoir; they are warped to fit with the borehole data in the latter stages of the modelling process.

Map data

The map data were generated directly from the Subsurface Memoir (Pharoah et al., 2011[1]) and cross-referenced with DigMap GB 1:50 000.

Mine plan data

No mine plan data were used directly in the modelling.

Seismic data

Seismic data were interpreted and used in the generation of the contour data in the Subsurface Memoir (Pharoah et al., 2011[1]).

Geophysical data

Please see Pharaoh et al (2011)[1]


The following objects relate to the project specific data types within the GOCAD® project file. Each of the horizon datasets will have a pre-cursor number to identify it using the schema:

1 – Top Cornbrash
2 – Top Penarth Group
3 – Top Sherwood Sandstone Group
04 – Variscan Unconformity
5 – Top Hard Coal
6 – Subcrenatum Marine Band (Top Namurian)
07 – Top Dinantian
8 – Top Asbian
9 – Top Tournasian
10 – Caledonian Unconformity

Pointset — GOCAD® project[edit]

  • Contains all of the structural contours, derived from the modelled surfaces, as points (e.g. 01_EastMidlands_Top_Cornbrash_Structure_Contour_points.vs)

Group – GOCAD® project[edit]

  • EastMidlands_boreholes – data extracted from the SSD and used for surface fitting.
  • EastMidlands_faults – contains all of the fault surfaces generated through the Structural Modelling workflow (e.g. EastMidlands_EMF001N_ts).
  • EastMidlands_Raw_faults – contains the 'grouped' fault data used for fault surface creation.
  • EastMidlands_Raw_Data – contains the contour and crop data used for surface modelling and the 'pre-grouped' fault cut data used for fault modelling

Surface – GOCAD® project[edit]

  • Contains those surface horizons that have been clipped to the combined outcrop and subcrop for that horizon (01_EastMidlands_Top_Cornbrash_ts)
  • Other datasets include the DTM derived from the NextMap DTM at 200 m resolution


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