OR/14/026 Modelled surfaces/volumes

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Hulbert A G, Terrington R L. 2014. Metadata report for the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin 1:250 000 resolution geological model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/026.

The surfaces were generated from the structural depth contour plots. Well control was not directly used.

Surfaces modelled are (numbers relate to stratigraphic order):


1 Top Cornbrash
2 Top Penarth Group
3 Top Sherwood Sandstone Group
04 Variscan Unconformity
5 Top Hard Coal
6 Subcrenatum Marine Band (Top Namurian)
07 Top Dinantian
8 Top Asbian
9 Top Tournasian
10 Caledonian Unconformity
Figure 4 Image of modelled surfaces viewed from the South-West.

The figure below summarises the general stratigraphy from Pharaoh et al (2011)[1]:

Figure 5 Summary of the stratigraphy, geological and tectonic events for the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin.


  1. PHAROAH, T C, VINCENT, C J, BENTHAM, M S, HULBERT, A G, WATERS, C N, and SMITH, N J P. 2011. The structure and evolution of the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin. Subsurface Memoir edition. British Geological Survey, 143.