OR/14/027 Model development log

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Hulbert A G, Terrington R L. 2015. Metadata report for the south-west Pennine Basin and adjacent area 1:250 000 resolution geological model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/027.


SW_Pennines_v0 DTM Construction
SW_Pennines_v1 Construction of initial horizon surfaces for fault stick Z values.
Construction of fault objects prior to fault surface modelling.
Construction of fault surfaces.
Surfaces checked prior to fault contact modelling so that faults should intersect correctly.
Fault contacts created
SW_Pennines_v2 All horizons created Horizon/Fault contacts modelled
SW_Pennines_v4 Horizon/fault contacts refined
SW_Pennines_v5 Horizons fitted to boreholes
SW_Pennines_v5 Final model Horizon
crossings removed
Outcrop/subcrop constrained