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H Burke, S J Mathers, J P Williamson, S Thorpe, J Ford and R L Terrington. 2014. The London Basin superficial and bedrock LithoFrame 50 Model. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey.
BGS Lexicon

The Lexicon of Named Rock Units is a list of geological units that appear on all BGS geological maps, with details on their lithologies. This is accessible via the BGS website at: http://www.bgs.ac.uk/Lexicon

Bid file

GSI3D borehole identity file derived from the SOBI database (see below), which stores the locations of boreholes as eastings, northings and start heights

Blg file

GSI3D borehole log file, which stores the interpretation downloaded from the Borehole Geology database


BGS Borehole Geology database for the standardised entry of data recorded on borehole logs


Digital 1:50 000 geological map data


Digital Terrain Model — a model of surface of the solid Earth (generally the boundary between geosphere and atmosphere or hydrosphere). This is traditionally derived from OS contours and spot heights and should therefore exclude all buildings, trees, hedges, crops, animals etc. Sometimes also referred to as a ‘bald earth’ model


Defined here as the extent, or coverage, of a geological unit in plan view, forming a 2D distribution map of the particular unit, or presence/absence map

Fence Diagram

The completed framework of cross-sections


Geoscience Data Index, an ArcGIS platform for displaying BGS data, including boreholes, with links to scans, and geological map polygons


ArcGIS process where a scanned image is registered to British National Grid


3d geological modelling package utilised mainly for bedrock modelling. GOCAD® Consortium web site: http://www.gocad.org/w4/index.php/consortium/consortium


Geological Surveying and Investigation in 3D, a geoscience modelling software package. GSI3D Research Consortium web site: http://www.gsi3d.org.uk


Single Onshore Borehole Index, a database where location details of borehole logs are stored, giving positional information in x, y and z with respect to British National Grid


Triangular Irregular Network — a digital elevation surface with triangle-shaped cells, rather than grid squares