OR/14/029 Rockhead elevation model

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H Burke, S J Mathers, J P Williamson, S Thorpe, J Ford and R L Terrington. 2014. The London Basin superficial and bedrock LithoFrame 50 Model. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey.

A rockhead elevation surface derived from the combined base of all modelled superficial and artificial units has an elevation range of +254.87 m OD to -25.24 m OD (Figure 13). This rockhead elevation surface has a cell size of 100 m and caps the bedrock part of the geological model. It was generated by calculating in GSI3D using the complete superficial and anthropocene model on a tile by tile basis, buffering each area by 200 m to ensure a small overlap. The resulting rockhead surfaces were combined into the single surface in GIS. Where modelled anthropocene and/or superficial deposits are absent, this rockhead elevation surface corresponds to the Digital Terrain Model. This surface was calaculated in GSi3D and exported to GOCAD® in order to cap the model of the faulted bedrock units.

Figure 13 3D view of the calculated rockhead elevation surface calculated as an ascii grid with a 100 m cell size. The highest elevations are in red and the lowest in blue, vertical exaggeration is x 10.