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Mathers, S J, Terrington, R L, Waters, C N, and Thorpe S. 2014. The construction of a bedrock geology model for England and Wales. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/039.

Since December 2012 the GB3D_v2012 dataset has been served in varied forms as free downloads from the BGS website:
and the dataset for the completed GSI3D GB3D_V2012 model with a Data Object Identifier is available at:

The BGS LithoFrame Viewer version uses a calculated and encrypted GSI3D-built project workspace file. This viewer is a free browser for visualization of models and cross-sections. A good high-end graphics card, such as that used for gaming, is however essential for model visualization in this viewer.

Other formats are available for data visualization include 3D PDF, which can be read using Adobe Acrobat reader v6* onwards and KMZ for use in Google Earth (preferably v7* onwards) and fly-through movie files captured in the Geovisionary™ software.

Downloads of correlation lines for the bases of some of the stratified and more continuous geological units (Pridoli and younger) are also available for the GOCAD and Petrel geological modelling packages.

The launch of the GB3D_V2014 datasets supplants the earlier version, it is available in the same formats at: http://bgs.ac.uk