OR/14/057 Modelled surfaces/volumes

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Arkley, S L B, Finlayson, A G, and Callaghan, E A. 2014. Model metadata report for the Forres GSI3D superficial deposits model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/057.

The Generalise Vertical Section (GVS) for the Forres model identifies 37 geological units in the model area, with further 7 lenses identified within the modelled units. The GVS was developed from lithostratigraphic units recorded on a new digital 1:10 000 scale superficial map produced following resurvey of the area from 2008–2011.

Three generic bedrock units, sandstone, metamorphic rock and conglomerate were also included in the model. The use of simple bedrock representation allows this superficial deposits model to be incorporated within a larger regional model in which similar generic lithological names for bedrock units were used.

Table 1    GVS showing modelled units for the Forres area.