OR/14/058 Model limitations

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Arkley, S L B. 2014. Model metadata report for the Great Glen — Moray Firth GSI3D Faulted Bedrock Model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/058.
  • No ‘superficial geology’, ‘water’ are currently modelled, thus the bedrock units are modelled to the DTM rather than to rockhead.
  • Only selected faults are included in the model and some of these are simplified. More faults could be added and existing faults could be better shaped to provide a fault network which is more geologically realistic and better portrays our current understanding of the structure of the area.
  • Blank section lines extend far beyond the project area because they were imported from GB-3D, truncating the sections did not prove successful.
  • The project is to be treated as ‘cross-section only’ due to problems with calculation as discussed above.