OR/14/058 Modelled faults

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Arkley, S L B. 2014. Model metadata report for the Great Glen — Moray Firth GSI3D Faulted Bedrock Model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/058.

Seven faults were initially included in the model from the GB_3D project, (Figure 4). Fault selection included the largest faults known in the area. Where fault zones exist they have been simplified to a single fault. All faults have been modelled as planar structures with a steep dip. Two of the faults which extended way beyond the project area were clipped so their extent is within the model DTM. Some of the fault lines were edited to better fit with the geological map. Crossing faults were checked for complete overlap at depth, and that a single node extended beyond the crossing fault. Fault helper sections were drawn at the end of faults which pinched out within the project area. During the course of the work an additional 31 steeply dipping faults were modelled, (Figure 5).

Figure 4 Faults modelled as shown in the GSI3D map window and 3D window from the GB- 3D project.

Figure 5 Additional steep dipping faults as shown in the GSI3D 3D window.