OR/14/060 Model datasets

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Finlayson, A G. 2014. Model metadata report for the Great Glen — Moray Firth merged Rockhead Elevation Model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/060.

Data (downhole): 290 borehole logs, located in onshore areas only, were used to guide construction in GSI3D of 33 cross-sections spanning the onshore and offshore areas. (cumulative length = 2167 km; Figure 2).

Figure 2    Location of borehole logs and cross-section network used in the model development.

Data (maps — onshore): The 1:625 000 superficial geology map (BGS) provided a guide for cross-sections and envelopes drawn in GSI3D.

Data (maps — offshore): Quaternary Sediment thickness contours were taken from the offshore geology maps for Caithness (BGS) and Moray-Buchan (BGS).

Data (Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)): For the onshore area, the Bald Earth DTM was used at a resolution of 1:250 000. For the offshore area DigBath contours were used to generate a DTM in GOCAD™ (see Figure 3). Combining the two resulted in a merged onshore-offshore DTM, used to cap the model.