OR/14/061 Conclusions and recommendations

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Watson, C, Baker, G, and Nayembil M. 2014. Open geoscience data models: end of project report. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/061.


C1: Geological Surveys around the world face similar challenges and produce similar data models.

C2: Face to face communication produces better outputs and stronger relationships/networks than remote methods.

C3: Many of the experiences developed within organisations such as the BGS are directly relevant to organisations responsible for the management of spatial data, not just those involved in the geosciences.

C4: As with C3, above, there are a few organisations, such as BGS, who could share a wealth of experience with regards to producing commercial outputs by deriving digital products from well structured data.

C5: The project team delivered on each of the stated objectives, however, efforts to address the following objective were limited: ‘Contribute to the ongoing efforts to ensure water security’. Despite providing links to relevant existing public data models on EarthDataModels.org the project team did not contribute a new design, this was due to the priorities identified by our project partners during the mid to latter phases of the project.


R1: Future project plans for similar initiatives should include contingency for disruption to travel plans due to security concerns, especially for countries which are identified through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel advice service as being prone to high levels of crime or potential for terrorism threats, even if the situation appears calm during the project planning phase.

R2: Future publically funded projects which involve the creation of geoscientific databases should include adequate resources to produce public versions of the underlying data models used or produced.

R3: There are enough organisations actively engaged in geoscience data modelling to justify a workshop or dedicated session at an international geoscience conference.

R4: Use the most appropriate branding for dissemination of public knowledge and if necessary use more than one communication channel, tailoring each to the intended audience. The EarthDataModels.org website was deliberately ‘Open’ and community branded, rather than BGS branded. This worked well when attempting to encourage technically sophisticated project partners and others to contribute material as these contributors tended to have their own strong brands which they were happy to associate with a project initiative rather than appear to be part of a another ‘rival’ brand. However, there were certain other organisations that were encouraged to take part because the project was lead by a well respected organisation, these tended to be the less technically developed institutions such as the GSOs in sub-Saharan Africa.