OR/14/061 Lesson learnt

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Watson, C, Baker, G, and Nayembil M. 2014. Open geoscience data models: end of project report. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/061.

LL1: When working with developing countries there is a real danger that the security situation can change rapidly and travel plans which seemed reasonable in the planning phase of a long running-project may become impossible within months. Consider alternatives and have, at least high level, back up plans in place.

LL2: Creating and maintain a new community discussion forum takes a lot of time and effort from a setup and administration point of view, if such a facility is justified then it is possibly better to create a group within an existing social media platform, such as LinkedIn or Google Groups.

LL3: Building a community without making funds available to all parties for the travel and expenses required to carry out the necessary face to face contacts seriously limits the effectiveness of the community.