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Watson, C, Baker, G, and Nayembil M. 2014. Open geoscience data models: end of project report. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/061.

Online, downloadable data model packages

As briefly described in the objectives section the project produced a number of downloadable database design packages. Initially these were referred to as data model downloads packages but it became apparent that the vast majority of potential users were non-database experts and therefore did not necessarily understand the specialised field of data modelling, but they did understand that databases required an underlying design.

The downloads were made up of relational data models in the form of entity relations (ER) diagrams, plain English documents (available in MS Word and PDF to maximise access), implementation scripts, example data and links to associated dictionary data sources.

The BGS staff on the project produced four full database design packages and a further three are in progress, which, will be released regardless of the knowledge exchange project formally coming to an end.

The BGS produced downloads were complemented by a number of designs made available by project partners and associated organisations, these were hosted on the information providers website and links provided on EarthDataModels.org model library.

Database Design Package

Diagram to show the components which make up a downloadable database design package.
Table showing data model downloads created specifically for the project
Topic Download items Status
  • Logical data model documents
  • Microsoft Access implementation and technical documentation
  • MySQL scripts and technical documentation
  • Oracle scripts and technical documentation
  • PostgreSQL scripts and technical documentation
  • SQLServer scripts and technical documentation
  • Logical data model documents
  • Microsoft Access implementation and technical documentation

MySQL scripts were created and distributed directly to some users

  • Logical data model documents
  • Microsoft Access implementation and technical documentation
  • Logical data model documents
  • Microsoft Access implementation and technical documentation
Landslides Draft data model documentation and Entity Relationship model created Unfinished
3D geological model objects Entity Relationship model created Commitment made by the BGS to release design post peer review paper publication
Coal Analysis Draft data model documentation and Entity Relationship model created Commitment made by BGS Wales to release by the end of 2014/2015 financial year
Table showing data models made available by community members and associates
Topic Provider
Borehole Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Geochemistry U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Geological Mapping The North American Geological Data Model (NADM)
Geological Mapping GeoSciML
Geological Mapping New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
Geophysics Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Geophysics XODB by Xstract mining consultants, Australia
Oceanographic British Oceanographic Data Centre
Water Quality U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Download stats for online data model packages

Year Total Hits (downloads) Unique Visitors Most poplar download
2011 655 188 Boreholes
2012 2,531 620 Boreholes
2013 3,618 578 Geochemistry

* Note: these do not include the direct delivery of data models via email and in person and
the most popular data model to be delivered directly to contacts described spatial metadata.


Conference Presentation title
IGC Brisbane 2012 The need for an Open Exchange of Geoscience Data Models
CAG Addis Ababa 2013 Sharing the most valuable database designs in African geology
IMAG Madrid September 2013 Control the system, free the data, feed the science

Technical visits, workshops and meetings

Location Objective Outcomes
Malawi – June 2013 Assess data modelling capability and requirements Plan of action for return visit(s) and new contacts made
Malawi – January 2014 Detailed requirements gathering with the Department of Surveys Spatial metadata model handed over, plan of action agreed with DoS and World Bank to implement a new spatial metadata system for Malawi
Denmark – February 2014 Share understanding of data models amongst GSOs, City planners and water companies Follow up meeting between Data Architects set up between BGS and GEUS. Invite to join pan European knowledge exchange project Sub-Urban, specialising in Data Management
Denmark – April 2014 Knowledge Exchange on data models, systems architecture and related information management issues Agreement to collaborate in the future on various data models including geotechnical data and 3D model storage

Face to face meetings held:

Email support:

Identify data models which could support the commercial aspirations of the newly formed IGS company IGS have incorporated lessons learnt from BGS development of databases and use of international standards to develop the new commercial produce IGS Geodata