OR/14/063 Appendix 1 - Geological conservation review sites

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Whitbread, K, Ellen, R, Callaghan, E, Gordon, J E, and Arkley, S. 2014. East Lothian geodiversity audit. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/063.
Table 9    Geological Conservation Review sites (GCR) in East Lothian
No. Site Name Site Code Block of GCR National Grid Reference SSSI or ELC_GeoDiversity Site Reference
1 Bangley Quarry 2428 Mineralogy of Scotland NT 488751 SSSI (geol)
2 Barns Ness Coast 1556 Dinantian of Scotland NT 697782 SSSI (geol)
3 Cheese Bay 2916 Carboniferous — Permian Fish/Amphibia NT 492856 ELC_21
4 Dunbar 2301 Coastal Geomorphology of Scotland NT 670794 ELC_4
5 Dunbar 182 Quaternary of Scotland NT 661788 ELC_4
6 Garleton Hills 1155 Carboniferous — Permian Igneous NT 510765 ELC_22
7 Keith Water 748 Quaternary of Scotland NT 440621 SSSI (geol/bio)
8 North Berwick Coast 1375 Carboniferous — Permian Igneous NT 496858 ELC_5
9 Oldhamstocks Gullies 2209 Fluvial Geomorphology of Scotland NT 710690 SSSI (geol/bio)
10 Oxroad Bay 365 Palaeozoic Palaeobotany NT 599848 SSSI (geol)
11 Rammer Cleugh 712 Quaternary of Scotland NT 640720 SSSI (geol)
12 Traprain Law 1376 Carboniferous — Permian Igneous NT 581746 SSSI (geol/bio)
13 Weak Law 857 Palaeozoic Palaeobotany NT 499858

The Geological Conservation Review was designed to identify sites of national and international importance needed to show all the key scientific elements of the Earth heritage of Britain. It includes over 3000 GCR sites, selected from around 100 categories (the GCR ‘Blocks’) and are published in a series of 45 volumes. Developed by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).