OR/14/063 Appendix 2 - Lothian and Borders GeoConservation publications

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Whitbread, K, Ellen, R, Callaghan, E, Gordon, J E, and Arkley, S. 2014. East Lothian geodiversity audit. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/063.
Table 10     Sites already designated as a ‘Local Geodiversity Site’ and/or have existing geological leaflets
No. Site Name Leaflet Style Designated ‘Local Geodiversity Site’ SSSI, GCR or ELC_Geodiversity Site Reference
1 Barns Ness Basic and Full versions available. Yes, 2002 SSSI (geol)
2 Belhaven Bay Basic version currently available. No ELC_28
3 Dunbar Harbour Basic version currently available.
Full version in prep.
No ELC_4
4 North Berwick Basic and Full versions available. Yes, 2005 ELC_5
5 Traprain Law Basic version currently available. Yes, 2006 SSSI (geol/bio)

Full = leaflets completed by Lothian and Borders GeoConservation group (formerly RIGS), describing the geology of the area.

Basic = in 2001, Lothian and Borders RIGS (Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites) joined in partnership with Girlguiding East Lothian to introduce a geology theme to their programme. Over the next few years, four colourful leaflets were produced.

Dates of designation, were found on the Edinburgh Geological Society Website (under GeoConservation).