OR/15/006 Summary

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McKenzie, A A. 2015. A physical property model of the Chalk of southern England. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/006.

These articles presents a description and review of the methodology developed by the British Geological Survey (BGS) to produce a national scale dataset of depth to groundwater. The resulting dataset is a raster grid, with 50 x 50 metre pixels holding values that represent the probable maximum depth, in metres, to the water table. The dataset has been modelled from topography and hydrology, assuming that surface water and groundwater are hydraulically connected. The dataset has not used observations of groundwater level in wells or boreholes directly, but they have been used to validate its performance. Users of the dataset will need to take into account the limitations of the model, and make due allowances for the way in which actual groundwater levels may vary spatially and temporally from the model. The method has been critically assessed and its fitness for purpose determined by hydrogeological specialists in BGS.


A number of individuals in the Information Products and Groundwater Science Directorates have contributed to the project and helped compile these articles. This assistance has been received at all stages of the study.