OR/15/013 Appendix 1 - Chalk marker-beds and modelling codes

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Woods, M A, Newell, A J, Haslam, R, Farrant, A R and Smith, H. 2015. A physical property model of the Chalk of southern England. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/013.
Formation Code Member Code Bed Code Primary Marker-
Bed Name represented
by coding
Surfaces equivalent
to Primary Marker-
Bed with same code
PCK PACK OPHG Base Upper Overstrand Marl top Portsdown Chalk
PCK BEECK UNHG top Un-named hardground (sponge bed in Trunch BH) at junction of Beeston and Paramoudra Chalk
PCK WECK CSP top Catton Sponge Bed (Hardground II) at top of Weybourne Chalk
PCK SIMA base Shide Marl
PCK FAMA base Farlington Marls (pair) top G. quadrata Zone
PCK BDMA base Bedhampton Marls group
PCK SCMA base Scratchell's Marls group
PCK POMA base Portsdown Marl 1 Base Redoubt Beds
CUCK WHFL base Whitecliff Flint
CUCK WHMA base Whitecliff Marls Base Whitecliff Beds
CUCK CBFL base Cotes Bottom Flint
CUCK CMFL base Charmandean Flint
CUCK LM2 base Lancing Marl 2
CUCK LM1 base Lancing Marl 1
CUCK LAFL base Lancing Flint Base Sompting Beds
NCK PBMA top Pepperbox Marls (Highest seam) top Newham Chalk Formation
NCK CSMA top Castle Hill Marls (highest seam) top Newham Chalk Formation (in slumped sections lacking Pepperbox Marls)/base Castle Hill Beds
NCK TEMA3 top Telscombe Marl 3 top O. pilula Zone
NCK TEMA 1 base Telscombe Marl 1
NCK MCMA base Meeching Marl pair base Bastion Steps Beds
NCK NME base Meeching Beds base Peacehaven Marl
NCK ONMA base Old Nore Marl Base Peacehaven Beds
NCK FBMA3 base Friar's Bay Marl 3 top U. anglicus Zone
NCK FBMA1 base Friar's Bay Marl 1 top M. testudinarius/top Santonian
NCK NON base Old Nore Beds base Brighton Marl
NCK HBFL base Hawks Brow Flint top U. socialis Zone
NCK BUMA1 base Buckle Marl 1 top Peake's Sponge Bed/top Micraster coranguinum Zone/top Seaford Chalk Formation/base Splash Point Beds
SECK REB top Rowe's Echinoid Band
SECK BSP top Barrois Sponge Bed top Clandon Hardground
SECK STRK top Stockbridge Rock Member
SECK RBFL base Rough Brow Flint Whitaker's 3" Flint
SECK FHFL base Flat Hill Flint Bedwell's Columnar Flint/Cladoceramus 2 Event
SECK MDFL base Michel Dean Flint Pegwell Inoceramid Band/Cladoceramus 1 Event/top Coniacian/base Haven Brow Beds
SECK SSFL base Seven Sisters Flint Oldstairs Bay Flint/East Cliff Semitabular Flint/base Cuckmere Beds
SECK BTMA base Belle Tout Marls group base Otty Bottom Marls group
SECK HPMA base Hope Point Marls group
SECK SHMA2 base Shoreham Marl 2 East Cliff Marl 2/top Rochester Hardground/top M. cortestudinarium Zone/top Lewes Nodular Chalk Formation/base Belle Tout Beds
LECH LPHG top Light Point Hardground ?top Corn Hill Hardground/base Beachy Head Sponge Beds
LECH BEHG top Beeding Hardground ?top Corn Hill Hardground 3/base Light Point Beds
LECH TR top Top Rock
LECH CKR top Chalk Rock
LECH HGHG top Hope Gap Hardground top Pines Garden Hardground/base Beeding Beds
LECH CLHG top Cliffe hardground top Parlour Hardground/top Turonian/base Hope Gap Beds/base Coniacian
LECH LECF base Cliffe Beds
LECH NAMA base Navigation Marls base Ness Point Marls/base Beer Head Marl
LECK NAHG top Navigation Hardground top South Foreland Hardground/top Plesiocorys (Sternotaxis) plana Zone
LECH CCFL base Cuilfail Zoophycos
LECH LENA base Navigation Beds
LECH LEMA base Lewes Marl base West Tofts Marl/base South Street Beds
LECH HWHG top Hitchwood Hardground top Lewes Tubular Flints
LECH BBFL base Breaky Bottom Flint base Annis Knob Flint
LECH GGMA base Grimes Graves Marl
LECH BRMA1 base Bridgewick Marl 1 base Kingston Beds; base Grimes Graves Marl
LECH BRFL base Bridgewick Flints base Brandon Flint Series/top Terebratulina lata Zone
LECH FFHG top Fognam Farm Hardground
LECH CAMA base Caburn Marl base Crab Bay Marl/base Twin Marl/base Ringmer Beds
LECH SUMA1 base Southerham Marl 1 base Fognam Marl/base ?Langdon Bay Marl 1/base Mount Ephraim Marl/base Caburn Beds
LECH PHG top Pewsey Hardground top Spurious Chalk Rock
LECH OHG top Ogbourne Hardground
NPCH GLMA2 base Glynde Marl 2 base Pilgrim's Walk Marl (lowest marl in Pilgrim's Walk Group)
NPCH GLMA1 base Glynde Marl 1 base Glynde Beds
NPCH NPCK top New Pit Chalk Formation top Beer Roads Flinty Chalk Member
NPCH NPMA3 base New Pit Marl 3 ? base Pounds Pool Grey Bed
NPCH NPMA2 base New Pit Marl 2 ? base Rowe's 4-ft Band
NPCH NPMA1 base New Pit Marl 1 ? base Rowe's 2-ft Band
NPCH MSMA base Malling Street Marls Round Down Marl
HCK GGMM base Gun Gardens Main Marl base Lulworth Marl/top Mytiloides spp. Zone/top Holywell Nodular Chalk/top Connett's Hole Member
HCK MEMA4 base Meads Marl 4 approximate top Cenomanian
HCK MLR top Melbourn Rock
HCK PLNM top Plenus Marls
HCK SPME Sub-Plenus Marls erosion surface top Zig Zag Chalk Formation/top Calycoceras guerangeri Zone/top Beer Head Limestone Formation
ZZCH JB7 top Jukes-Browne Bed 7 top Nettleton Stone
ZZCH PMA base Pycnodonte Marl
ZZCH CASB base Cast Bed
ZZCH TELM base Tenuis Limestone
ZZCH STST Sub-Totternhoe Stone erosion surface
WMCH TWMCH top West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation
WMCH DLM base Dixoni Limestone base M6 Limestone
WMCH M3LM base Doolittle Limestone base M3 Limestone/ top Sharpeiceras schlueteri Subzone
WMCH GLML top Glauconitic Marl Top Melbury Sandstone/top Cambridge Greensand
SCG Sub-Chalk Group erosion surface