OR/15/013 Summary

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Woods, M A, Newell, A J, Haslam, R, Farrant, A R and Smith, H. 2015. A physical property model of the Chalk of southern England. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/013.

This report describes the rationale and procedure for the construction of a new high-resolution stratigraphical and physical property model of the Chalk Group of southern England. The model integrates bedrock mapping data for the Chalk, with structural data and interpretations of formational and sub-formational (marker-bed) stratigraphy in boreholes (predominantly from geophysical logs and cored boreholes) and outcrops. A range of simple facies data (e.g. hard chalk, hardground, marl, marly chalk) are coded for the boreholes and outcrops using WellCadTM software, interpreted directly from geophysical logs, core logs, borehole video logs, or outcrop logs. The results of this work are modelled in SKUA-GOCAD 2013.2 software, using statistical algorithms to project the likely distribution of physical property data.