OR/15/035 Modelled surfaces/volumes

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Thompson, J F. 2015. Model metadata report for HS2 Area 4. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/035.
Table 1 List of modelled units.
Geological unit Age Model name
Alluvium Quaternary ALV-XCZSV
Head Quaternary HEAD-XCZSV
Glaciofluvial deposits Mid Pleistocene Mid Pleistocene GFDMP-XSV
Till Mid Pleistocene TILMP-DMTN
White Limestone Formation Mid Jurassic WHL-LMST
Rutland Formation Mid Jurassic RLD1-MDST
Taynton Limestone Formation Mid Jurassic TY-LMOOL
Wellingborough Limestone Member Mid Jurassic WBRO-LMST
Sharp’s Hill Formation Mid Jurassic SHHB-ARSL
Rutland Formation Mid Jurassic RLD-MDST
Stamford Member Mid Jurassic STAM-SDSL
Horsehay Sand Formation Mid Jurassic HYSA-SDST
Northampton Sand Formation Mid Jurassic NS-SDLI
Whitby Mudstone Formation Early Jurassic WHM-MDST
Marlstone Rock Formation Early Jurassic MRB-FLIR
Dyrham Formation Early Jurassic DYS-SIMD
Charmouth Mudstone Formation Early Jurassic CHAM-MDST
Rugby Limestone Member Early Jurassic RLS-MDLM
Saltford Shale Member Late Triassic to Early Jurassic SASH-MDST
Langport Member Late Triassic LPMB-LMST
Penarth Group Late Triassic PNG-AROCLS
Blue Anchor Formation Late Triassic BAN-MDST
Branscombe Mudstone Formation Late Triassic BCMU-MDST
Sidmouth Mudstone Formation Early to Late Triassic SIM-MDST

The Rutland Formation is divided into two units (RLD-MDST and RLD1-MDST) to account for the Wellingborough Limestone Member which occurs in the middle of the Rutland Formation.