OR/15/044 Modelled faults

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Wakefield,O J W, and Barron, A J M. 2015. GSI3D Model metadata report for HS2 Area 6 (Cubbington to Hampton-in-Arden). British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/044.

All faults shown in the DiGMapGB-50 data that juxtapose modelled bedrock units at rockhead are inferred to displace them at depth were represented in the model. In addition, some faults were drawn that were not present in DiGMapGB-50, but are interpreted in the BGS Birmingham memoir (Powell et al., 2000[1]) (Figure 8). These were modelled as steps in the geological surfaces rather than as a faulted bedrock model.

Figure 8    Comparison of part of Figure 1 of BGS Birmingham Memoir and DiGMapGB-50.

The area also includes some larger faults that pass through the entire model broadly north-south. Additionally a relatively complex highly faulted area (southeast of Solihull) contains within it numerous larger and small compound faults and has the stratigraphically youngest rocks in the area.


  1. Powell, J H, Glover, B W, and Waters, C N. 2000. Geology of the Birmingham area. Keyworth: Nottingham, Memoir of the British Geological Survey. Sheet 168 (England and Wales).