OR/15/045 Summary

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Kendall, R S. 2015. Conceptual cross-sections of superficial deposits in Cardiff . British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/045.

A series of three conceptual cross-sections have been constructed to illustrate the superficial deposits of the Cardiff area. Deposits of Devensian-age Till, Hummocky Glacial Deposits and Glaciofluvial Deposits, provide evidence for the limit of the Late Pleistocene glaciation in the area, while Alluvium, Peat and Tidal Flat Deposits record the post-glacial landscape evolution. The conceptual sections have been constructed to inform a program of borehole classification and 3D model construction as part of the BGS Wales Cardiff City Region research program. Conceptual cross-sections, a review of key literature, a summary of the superficial geology of Cardiff are all presented in this report. Some of the challenges presented by reconstructing subsurface spatial relationships from borehole log data are also discussed.