OR/15/058 Acknowledgements

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Stone, P. 2015. The geological exploration of the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia: a review and bibliography, 1871–2015. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/058.

Thanks are due to many colleagues for their assistance in discovering and accessing the material used to compile this report: in particular to Adrian Rushton (The Natural History Museum, London), John Faithfull (Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow) and Andrew Gray (British Antarctic Survey). Teal Riley (British Antarctic Survey) provided a most helpful review of the preliminary text. The unsung heroes of the South Georgia geological investigations are the scientific field assistants: from a personal perspective I should like to thank sincerely, for their support and companionship, G ‘Jim’ Whitworth (1970–71), Eric Lawther (1971–72), and G ‘Dog’ Holden and Roger Daynes (1973–74). This report is released by permission of the Executive Director, British Geological Survey (NERC).