OR/15/072 Acknowledgements

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Gent, C M A1, Stewart, M A1, Evans, D J1, Lamb, R2, Alcalde, J3, 4, Heinemann, N4 and Akhurst, M C1. 2015. A summary of the methodology for the seismic stratigraphic interpretation for the 'GlaciStore' bid to IODP. (Energy and Marine Geoscience Programme) British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/072.

1  British Geological Survey    2  University of Manchester    3  University of Aberdeen     4  University of Edinburgh

S Holloway started this worked but retired before it was fully underway and he is thanked for his advice on many aspects of the work and for gaining permission for the use of the seismic data in the interpretation.

Statoil are thanked for access to seismic survey data to inform a cross-border seismic stratigraphic interpretation of the Mid-Quaternary to Eocene sequence across the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea Basin. Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) are gratefully acknowledged for access to seismic survey data for interpretation of the shallow, sea bed to Mid-Quaternary sequence.

The preparation and submission of a pre-proposal and full proposal to IODP could not have been achieved without collaboration with the Norwegian research consortium members from SINTEF: Statoil, Lundin, IFE, University of Bergen and University of Oslo. Support for the Norwegian consortium by the CLIMIT programme is also acknowledged here.