OR/16/001 GIS mapping tools

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Dove, D, Bradwell, T*, Carter, G, Cotterill, C, Gafeira, J, Green, S, Krabbendam, M, Mellet, C, Stevenson, A, Stewart, H, Westhead, K.; INFOMAR: Scott, G, Guinan, J, Judge, M, Monteys, X.; MAREANO: Elvenes, S, Baeten, N, Dolan, M, Thorsnes, T, Bjarnadóttir, L, and Ottesen, D . 2016. Seabed geomorphology: a two-part classification system. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/16/001.
(* now at Stirling University)

* At the time of publication, development of version 1 of the SIGMA GIS mapping tools is nearly complete (www.bgs.ac.uk/research/sigma/home.html). A brief user-guide will accompany the release of the GIS tools, and will be referenced in future versions of this report.