OR/16/020 Acknowledgements

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Loveless, S, and Smith, N. 2016. Summary of potential oil and gas formations in England for use in groundwater vulnerability assessments. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/16/020.

The authors would like to acknowledge BGS staff who have made significant contributions to this report. Jon Ford and the National Geological Model (NGM) team who’s many years of work this report, and project, is dependent on. Ricky Terrington provided the England-only version of UK3D and support with GSI3D. Melinda Lewis provided discussions around the GVS and rock units included. Holger Kessler has provided advice. Project management and direction has been provided by John Bloomfield and Rob Ward.

The 3D GW Vulnerability project is a co-funded project between the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency. The authors would like to thank the Environment Agency for their financial support for the project as well as contributing to the project vision. In particular, they would like to acknowledge the role of Ian Davey and Alwyn Hart, in proposing and supporting the joint initiative.

This work has benefitted significantly from the contribution and involvement of the project Steering Group: Lynn Foord, Jan Hookey, Rudi Lui, Sara Mathews and Paul Doherty.