OR/16/036 Acknowledgements

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Stuart, M E, Wang, L, Ascott, M, Ward, R S, Lewis, M A, and Hart, A J. 2016. Modelling the groundwater nitrate legacy. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/16/036.

The report authors are grateful to the staff of the Environment Agency who contributed data, advice and comments during the production of this report. These include Tim Besien, Laura Ward, Sarah Scott, Polly Wallace and Lucy Roberts. The project was managed for the Environment Agency by Andrew Onobrakpeya.

The following students from the University of Nottingham also contributed to the development of the national groundwater recharge model which underpins some of the work described in this report: Xueliang Mu, Yuepeng Hu, Weibin Lin, and Rongmeihui Zheng.