OR/17/042 Introduction

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Lee, J R, and Hough, E. 2017. A conceptual geological model for investigating shallow sub‐surface geology, Cheshire energy research field site. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/17/042.

This report provides an overview of the natural near‐surface geology of the Cheshire Energy Research Field Site, located between Stanlow and Ince Marshes, to the east of Ellesmere Port. It adopts a conceptual predictive approach to reconstruct a geological model for the site based upon the range of geological processes and environments that are known to have operated in Britain and the northern Cheshire over recent geological time. The report describes the conceptual approach adopted before outlining the geological history of the area. Finally, an overview of the geological processes that have affected the Ince Marshes area is outlined and the likely occurrence of related geological features presented. The report assumes that the reader has a basic level of geological understanding so whilst the terminology employed is by necessity ‘technical’, terms and basic concepts are explained where appropriate. A non‐technical overview of this report is provided by the Executive Summary.

For a detailed account of the Quaternary geology at the Cheshire Energy Research Field Site and surroundings, please refer to Burke et al. (2016)[1].


  1. Burke, H F, Gow, H V, Cripps, C, Thorpe, S, Hough, E, Hughes, L, and Horabin, C G. 2016. The 3D Quaternary Geology of the area around Thornton, Cheshire. BGS Open Report OP/16/056.