OR/18/003 Modelled Volume, Purpose and Scale

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Shelley, C, and Burke, H. 2018. Model metadata report for the South Downs teaching model. British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/18/003.

The South Downs 3D model represents a conceptual understanding of the bedrock geology of the South Downs National Park in southern England. The model covers an area of approximately 3100 km2 from Winchester to Beachy Head (Figure 1). This model consists of ten geological units that correspond with the current 1:250 000 scale geological map of the region. The model is intended for use as a teaching aid for educational purposes. It provides an overview of the regional bedrock geology and is not suitable for use at site-specific level.

Figure 1 Location map of the South Downs model area (outlined in red) with 1:250 000 scale bedrock geology shown (DiGMapGB-250). ©Crown copyright and database rights (2018) Ordnance Survey (100021290 EUL).