OR/18/006 Glossary

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Harrison, A, Jones, L, Entwisle, D, Hulbert, A, Lark, M, Mansour, M, Richardson, J, Wang, L, and White, J. 2018. User guide for the British Geological Survey GeoClimate: clay shrink-swell dataset. British Geological Survey. (OR/18/006).
DiD Days in Drought
IP’ Plasticity Index. The plasticity index (PI) is a measure of the plasticity of a soil. It is the size of the range of water contents where the soil exhibits plastic properties. The PI is the difference between the liquid limit and the plastic limit (PI = LL-PL).
UKCP09 United Kingdom Climate Projections 2009. UKCP09 was produced in 2009, funded by a number of agencies led by Defra. It is based on sophisticated scientific methods provided by the Met Office, with input from over 30 contributing organisations.
VCP Volume Change Potential
ZOODRM Zooming Object Oriented Distributed Recharge model
11RCM 11 Regional Climate Models