OR/18/010 Summary

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Terrington, R L, Thorpe, S. 2018. Post-calculation checks of GSI3D Models V2. British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/18/010.

These articles describes methods for identifying, checking and remediating issues in GSI3D models post calculation using cross-sections and exported surface and thickness grids. These checks are to ensure that the outputted geometry of geological units bear a true resemblance to the lateral and depth extents of those units correlated in GSI3D.

The cross-section checks and issues include:

  • Missing envelopes or cross-section correlations geometries
  • Lack of correlation nodes on cross-section lines
  • Wrongly attributed correlation lines in cross-section
  • Lack of constraint at envelope boundaries

The surface and thickness grid checks and issue include:

  • Bulls-eyes from anomalous correlation points
  • Holes in the top and base calculated surface
  • Surface crossovers
  • Unnatural artefacts in modelled surfaces from cross-sections