OR/18/012 Acknowledgements

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Loveless, S, Lewis, M A, Bloomfield, J P, Terrington, R, Stuart, M E, and Ward, R S. 2018. 3D groundwater vulnerability. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/18/012.

The authors would like to acknowledge BGS staff who have made significant contributions to this report. The BGS’s National Geological Model (NGM) has been integral to developing this methodology and producing case study examples. This has entailed many years of BGS geologists’ work and in particular we acknowledge the input into the project from Jon Ford and Holger Kessler. Simon Kemp is thanked for providing information on the adsorption properties of different clays.

The 3DGW Vulnerability project is a co-funded project between the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency. The authors would like to thank the Environment Agency for their financial support for the project as well as contributing to the project vision. The project has also benefitted significantly from the contribution and involvement of the project Steering Group: Lynn Foord, Jan Hookey, Rudi Liu, Paul Doherty, Sarah Scott, Jenny Thomas and Sara Matthews.