OR/18/046 Limitations and restrictions

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Whitbread, K, and Ritchie, C. 2018. Regional Geological Visualisation Models. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/18/046).

The GV Models are designed to support conceptual understanding of the bedrock geology of England, Wales and Northern Ireland for visualisation purposes, generally consistent with scale of DiGMapGB-625. The representation of the geology provided by the models is indicative and should not be taken as a substitute for specialist interpretations, professional advice and/or site investigations.

Consistency in the geological characterisation between the UK3D v2015 sections and DiGMapGB-625 has been ensured wherever possible, however local differences between the sections and DiGMapGB-625 occur within the GV Models. These inconsistencies are due to: (1) changes in the stratigraphic framework used between development of DiGMapGB-625 and the UK3D v2015 sections, and; (2) limitations of the UK3D v2015 section resolution in relation to the depiction of complex structures.

Superficial deposits are not included in the GV Models. These deposits overlie bedrock over much of the UK (both onshore and offshore) but are typically thin (<10 m) in onshore areas. Where thicker accumulations of superficial deposits occur at the sea bed, and locally onshore, the GV Models represent a simplification of the geology in the near surface.

The GV Models have been designed and tested for use on modern desktop/laptop computers. The large data content of the 3D pdf models may affect usage and performance on computers running alternative operating systems (i.e. not Microsoft Windows/Apple) or with limited graphics or processing capability.

The GV Models are not designed for use on smart phones or tablets and will not function effectively on these devices.

The 3D pdfs utilise functionality provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe). The 3D platform is currently supported by Adobe, and there is no indication of future restrictions in its use. However, BGS does not have control over future provisions of support by Adobe for the 3D pdf platform.