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Whitbread, K, and Ritchie, C. 2018. Regional Geological Visualisation Models. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/18/046).

The BGS makes available a range of free-of-charge digital resources covering the geology of the UK via www.bgs.ac.uk. These ‘open data’ resources are available for everyone with a personal, educational or professional interest in the UK’s geology.

Digital open-data resources delivered by BGS include geological maps, reports and conceptual 3D geological models. One of BGS’s flagship open data resources is UK3D v2015, the national fence diagram 3D bedrock model of the UK (Waters et al. 2015[1]), which can be downloaded in a range of formats for incorporation in modelling and visualisation software.

UK3D has now been combined with digital geological maps to create a series of interactive three-dimensional (3D) visualisation models covering 14 regional areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These Regional Geological Visualisation Models (the GV Models) are in 3D pdf format, and are intended to help both specialists and non-specialists alike access and interact with UK3D, and associated BGS datasets.

The GV Models depict the UK bedrock geology at regional to national-scale, and the interactive tools are designed to facilitate visualisation of the subsurface environment and enhance conceptual understanding. The representation of the geology provided by the models is indicative and should not be taken as a substitute for specialist interpretations, professional advice and/or site investigations.


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