OR/18/068 Summary

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Bide, T P, Brown, T J, Petavratzi, E, and Mankelow, J M. 2018. Vietnam – Hanoi city material flows. Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/18/068).

This report describes the first phase of research for a minerals materials flow analysis in an Asian Megacity. This consists of a scoping study to assess the feasibility of conducting material flow analysis (MFA) for Hanoi, with a particular focus on assessing the availability of required data. The availability of data on the production, trade, consumption, and demand for construction-related mineral commodities at a national, regional and city level within Vietnam was assessed. Although current levels of publically available data are insufficient to allow a full MFA analysis we present the results obtained from a preliminary analysis of material supply and demand in Hanoi. Supply and demand scenarios up to 2030 for several commodities important for the construction sector have been evaluated. Recommendations are also made for future application of MFA in Hanoi.

This research was supported by BGS NC-ODA grant NE/R000069/1 entitled Geoscience for Sustainable Futures. It was delivered via the BGS Asian Cities Official Development Assistance (ODA) Research Platform.