OR/19/032 Appendix B - Table of analytes proposed for BGS baseline groundwater and surface water analyses

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Monaghan, A A, Starcher, V, Dochartaigh, B Ó, Shorter, K, and Burkin, J. 2019. UK Geoenergy Observatories: Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site - Science infrastructure Version 2. UKGEOS Programme. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/032.
Table 7    Table of analytes proposed for groundwater and surface water characterisation.
Analysis Groundwater Units Surface Water Units Sampling Frequency
Field Measurement HCO3 mg/L HCO3 mg/L Monthly
ORP mV ORP mV Monthly
pH pH Monthly
SEC µs/cm SEC µs/cm Monthly
Temp °C Temp °C Monthly
DO mg/L DO mg/L Monthly
H2S and other gas meter at site % - Monthly
Unfiltered unacidified gas bomb for GC-MS CH4 mg/L - Monthly
CO2 mg/L -
Unfiltered unacidified, bottle from lab, for scintillation Rn Bq/L - Monthly
Unfiltered unacidified, small amber bottle for GC-ECD CFC pmol/L - Biannually
Unfiltered unacidified, clear glass bottle for GC-ECD SF6 pmol/L - Biannually
Unfiltered unacidified, metal tube for QMS Noble Gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe cm3 STP/L - Biannually
Ag filtered, unacidified foil capped glass vial for carbon analyser NPOC mg/L NPOC mg/L Monthly
TIC mg/L TIC mg/L
Unfiltered unacidified, 30 ml HDPE for IR-MS δ2H 0/00 δ2H 0/00 Monthly
δ18O 0/00 δ18O 0/00
Unfiltered unacidified, 125 ml HDPE for IR-MS δ13C 0/00 δ13C 0/00 Monthly
Filtered unacidified 30 ml LDPE, for HPLC-ICP-MS Cr6+ Speciation µg/L Cr6+ Speciation µg/L Monthly
Unfiltered unacidified, 1L lab bottle for GC-FID TPH: TPH: Monthly
TPH (C10–C40) mg/L TPH (C10–C40) mg/L
TPH (C8–C10) mg/L TPH (C8–C10) mg/L
TPH (C8–C40) mg/L TPH (C8–C40) mg/L
Unfiltered unacidified, 250 ml lab bottle for HPLC-FD PAH: PAH: Monthly
Benzo (a) pyrene µg/L Benzo (a) pyrene µg/L
Benzo (b) fluoranthene µg/L Benzo (b) µg/L
Benzo (ghi) perylene µg/L Benzo (ghi) perylene µg/L
Benzo (k) fluoranthene µg/L Benzo (k) fluoranthene µg/L
Indeno (1,2,3-cd) pyrene µg/L Indeno (1,2,3-cd) pyrene µg/L
PAH - total µg/L PAH - total µg/L
Unfiltered unacidified, lab bottle for GC-MS VOC: - Monthly
Benzene µg/L -
Carbon tetrachloride µg/L -
Chloroform µg/L -
1,2 Dichlorobenzene µg/L -
1,3 Dichlorobenzene µg/L -
1,4 Dichlorobenzene µg/L -
1,2 Dichloroethane µg/L -
Dichloromethane µg/L -
Ethylbenzene µg/L -
m/p-Xylene µg/L -
MTBE µg/L -
o-Xylene µg/L -
Tetrachloroethene µg/L -
Toluene µg/L -
Trichloroethene µg/L -
1,1,1 Trichloroethane µg/L -
Filtered unacidified, 60 ml LDPE sample for anions by IC and I by ICP-MS and HCO3 and NH4 (gw only) Br mg/L Br mg/L Monthly
Cl mg/L Cl mg/L
F- mg/L F- mg/L
HPO4 µg/L HPO4 µg/L
NO2 mg/L NO2 mg/L
NO3 mg/L NO3 mg/L
SO4 mg/L SO4 mg/L
NH4 mg/L - mg/L
HCO3 lab mg/L HCO3 lab mg/L
Filtered acidified, 30 ml LDPE for ICP-MS Ag µg/L Ag µg/L Monthly
Al µg/L Al µg/L
As µg/L As µg/L
B µg/L B µg/L
Ba µg/L Ba µg/L
Be µg/L Be µg/L
Bi µg/L Bi µg/L
Ca mg/L Ca mg/L
Cd µg/L Cd µg/L
Ce µg/L Ce µg/L
Co µg/L Co µg/L
Cr µg/L Cr µg/L
Cs µg/L Cs µg/L
Cu µg/L Cu µg/L
Dy µg/L Dy µg/L
Er µg/L Er µg/L
Eu µg/L Eu µg/L
Fe µg/L Fe µg/L
Ga µg/L Ga µg/L
Gd µg/L Gd µg/L
Hf µg/L Hf µg/L
Ho µg/L Ho µg/L
K mg/L K mg/L
La µg/L La µg/L
Li µg/L Li µg/L
Lu µg/L Lu µg/L
Mg mg/L Mg mg/L
Mn µg/L Mn µg/L
Mo µg/L Mo µg/L
Na mg/L Na mg/L
Nb µg/L Nb µg/L
Nd µg/L Nd µg/L
Ni µg/L Ni µg/L
P mg/L P mg/L
Pb µg/L Pb µg/L
Pr µg/L Pr µg/L
Rb µg/L Rb µg/L
S (total) mg/L S (total) mg/L
Sb µg/L Sb µg/L
Se µg/L Se µg/L
Si µg/L Si µg/L
Sm µg/L Sm µg/L
Sn µg/L Sn µg/L
Sr µg/L Sr µg/L
Ta µg/L Ta µg/L
Tb µg/L Tb µg/L
Th µg/L Th µg/L
Ti µg/L Ti µg/L
Tl µg/L Tl µg/L
Tm µg/L Tm µg/L
U µg/L U µg/L
V µg/L V µg/L
W µg/L W µg/L
Y µg/L Y µg/L
Yb µg/L Yb µg/L
Zn µg/L Zn µg/L
Zr µg/L Zr µg/L