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Fellgett, M W, Kingdon, A, Fernie, A, Baker, G, Mehta, M, Henderson, A F. 2019. Oilfield in a box: The Hutton Field dataset. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/034.

Petroleum licences issued by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) require that all hydrocarbon data from the UK continental shelf (UKCS) data are preserved in perpetuity and in usable condition. Historically, a route to end this obligation was achieved by archiving data in the National Hydrocarbon Data Archive (NHDA), which was active from 2003 to 2016. The NHDA, operated by BGS on behalf of the UK government, was the primary long-term data archive for UK offshore oil and gas exploration and production activity data. During its life the NHDA was used by various operators and organisations to archive a range of UKCS data from one field, 15 licences, 33 seismic surveys and 102 wells. Details on these can be found at the web link: www.bgs.ac.uk/nhda/home.html/

After decommissioning the Hutton Field, the then operator Kerr McGee deposited the well and seismic data within the NHDA. The NHDA has taken over management of this data and has now licensed it for academic and non-commercial use.

Data was also deposited with Common Data Access Limited (CDA) who are a not-for-profit subsidiary of Oil and Gas UK and provided a function to report data to the OGA and share data. This CDA data archive will be at the core of future UK National Data Repository (NDR). The CDA system maintain a digital repository of more than 11 500 wells from the UKCS, more information on CDA can be found online at: www.cdal.com