OR/19/052 Foreword

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Kingdon, A, Fellgett, M W, and Spence, M J. 2019. UKGEOS Cheshire Energy Research Field Site - Science infrastructure. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/052.
Contributors: Midgley, J, Elsome, J W, Dearden, R A, Chapman, C, Burke, S P, Hough, E, Luckett, R R, and Bianchi, M.

This report provides an overview of the planned geological characterisation, research infrastructure and data acquisition at the Cheshire Energy Research Field Site. The report is intended for a technical, science community audience.

The design of the infrastructure is based on the UK Geoenergy Observatories’ Science Plan, which was generated following science community consultation. As with all drilling projects, the realities of what can be achieved in the context of geological constraints, health and safety, and budget have meant that the final design is necessarily a compromise.

As the site is developed this document will be updated to reflect the actual built infrastructure and any changes to the planned design. Researchers are requested to refer to the UKGEOS website to check that they are using the latest version of this document: ukgeos.ac.uk and to refer to this report in their published outputs.

Data generated during the construction and operation of the Cheshire Energy Research Field Site will be made freely available via an online platform, which is currently in development.

Professor David Manning
NERC Senior Science User, UK Geoenergy Observatories