OR/19/054 Conclusions

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Gareth Farr1, Jonathan Graham2, Andy Marriott1 & Elliott Hamilton1. 2019. Survey of selected tufa forming sites in Staffordshire, UK. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/054.

1  British Geological Survey
2  Fenland Botanical Surveys

This survey undertaken over just two days has shown that there are varied and good condition H7220 tufa forming spring sites in Staffordshire. The survey is not a comprehensive account of tufa forming sites in Staffordshire. ‘Trickle Ridge’ where the direction of water flow and morphology of tufa formation has been altered by humans for aesthetic reasons, illustrates an important interaction with the local community. Water chemistry provides evidence that 5 out of 6 sites samples are below the UK threshold value for nitrate. Simple actions including fencing, removal of sycamore, holly and Himalayan Balsam and the investigation of a water supply pipe work could result in improvements to the condition of these sites. Further survey work could identify and help protect more tufa forming springs that could add to the known ‘H7220’ habitat within Staffordshire.