Pinskey Gill Formation

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Pinskey Gill Formation (PNKG), Carboniferous, Northern England Province[edit]

Pinskey Gill Formation is part of the Ravenstonedale Group


Derived from Pinskey Gill, by Newbiggin on Lune, Cumbria. The formation was originally named the Pinskey Gill Beds by Garwood (1913, p. 496)[1].


The Pinskey Gill Formation comprises grey, vuggy, dolomitic limestone and dolostone interbedded with grey to dark grey calcareous mudstone and thin-bedded, calcareous, silty sandstone.

Genetic interpretation[edit]

The strata were deposited in a peritidal marine and fluvial environment.


The type section is in Pinskey Gill (NY 698 040) where the formation is about 20 m thick and comprises beds of sandstone, calcareous mudstone with sporadic pebbles, sandy shale, interbedded mudstone and shale, and dolomite, (see Garwood, 1913, pp. 496– 499[1]).

Lower and upper boundaries[edit]

The formation rests unconformably upon a smooth planation surface cut into Lower Palaeozoic strata. Conglomerate beds of the Marsett Formation overlie it unconformably (Figure 9, Column 16).


Up to 50 m.

Distribution and regional correlation[edit]

The formation is found only at Ravenstonedale in the Stainmore Trough.

Age and biostratigraphical characterisation[edit]

Miospores including Schopfites claviger and S. delicatus of the CM and possibly PC zones (Johnson and Marshall, 1971[2]; Holliday et al., 1979[3]) and conodonts dominated by Bispathodus aculeatus aculeatus, B. stabilis and Clydagnathus unicornis of the Pseudopolygnathus multistriatus Zone (Varker and Higgins, 1979[4]; Varker and Sevastopulo, 1985[5]) indicate a Tournaisian (mid Courceyan) age for the formation (Table 2).


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