Post Applinocrinus beds

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This term was applied by Christensen (1991) to that part of the G. quadrata Zone in southern England that post-dates the A. cretaceus Subzone.

Base: In southern England, the base of the interval is placed at the Whitecliff Flint (Bailey et al., 1983).

Top: In southern England, the top of the interval is placed at the Farlington Marls (Wood, 1995).

Range of index species: There is no index species, the interval equating with strata between the top of the range of Applinocrinus cretaceus and the Farlington Marls.

Key fauna:

Bivalvia: inoceramid shell debris (locally abundant)
Belemnoidea: Belemnitella mucronata
Gonioteuthis quadrata
Echinoidea: Echinocorys brydonei

Bio-markers: There are no bio-markers for the lower part of the interval. At the top of the interval, between the Scratchell's Marls and the Farlington Marls, Echinocorys brydonei, Gonioteuthis and Belemnitella co-occur (Wood, WH/95/31R; Bailey et al., 1983).

Age: Campanian