Quarry sources for Edinburgh's buildings - alphabetical list by building

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From: McMillan, A.A., Gillanders, R.J. and Fairhurst, J.A. 1999 Building stones of Edinburgh. 2nd edition. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Geological Society.

Edinburgh's buildings - location map, inset (Central Edinburgh.
Edinburgh's buildings - location map.

Map No. Building name and address Construction repair Completion date Quarry source
187 Abbotsford Bar, north side of Rose Street Construction 1902 Gatelawbridge
Alma Lodge, Midmar Drive Construction pre-1940 Braehead
Annandale Street, Nos. 6-10 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
152 Apex House, Haddington Place/Annandale Street Construction 1975 Springwell
51 Arden Street area Construction 1911 Blaxter
30 Art College, Lauriston Place Construction 1910 Closeburn
Art College, Lauriston Place, Extension Construction 1972 Locharbriggs
2 Balmoral (formerly North British) Hotel, east end of Princes Street Construction 1902 Prudham
Repairs 1991 Dunhouse
101 Bank of Scotland, 66 George Street Construction 1876 Dalmeny
106 Bank of Scotland, 103 George Street Construction 1885 Hermand
123 Bank of Scotland, 38 St Andrew Square Construction 1846 Binny
13 Bank of Scotland, The Mound Construction 1806 Binny
Paving Carmyllie
Indents 1986 Stainton
Barony Street, Nos. 1-13 Repairs 1985 Stainton
Baxters Place, Stevenson House Repairs 1980 Darney
Bellevue Terrace, Nos. 4-9 Repairs 1974 Blaxter
Bonnington Road School, Leith Construction 1875 Grange
53 Boroughmuir Secondary School, Viewforth Construction 1911 Hailes
Boroughmuir Secondary School, Viewforth Dressings Doddington
Braid Church, Nile Grove Construction 1886 Prudham Hailes ('grey')
99 British Home Stores, 64 Princes Street Construction 1965 Wellfield
1 British Rail, Waverley extensions, North Bridge Construction 1895 Woodburn Sands
154 Broughton Primary School Construction 1897 Hailes
Broughton Street, Nos. 47-53/Forth Street Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
148 Broughton Street/Albany Street Office Development Construction 1983 Stainton
153 Brunswick House, Brunswick Street Construction 1975 Woodkirk
42 Buccleuch and Greyfriars Free Church, West Crosscauseway Indents 1986 Stainton
155 Buchanan Street Lane Construction Dunhouse
142 Burns' Monument, Calton Hill Construction 1830 Humbie(West Lothian)
Burns' Monument, Calton Hill Indents 1978 Darney
166 Burtons, 30-31 Princes Street (formerly R W Forsyth) Construction 1907 Blaxter
121 Bus Station (offices above entrance), No. 31 St Andrew Square Construction 1970 Prudham
119 C & A Store, 33-38 Princes Street Construction 1956 Woodkirk
65 Caledonian Hotel, West End Construction 1903 Corncockle
Calton Hill, Nos. 20-26 Repairs 1998 Stainton
Stanton Moor
Candlish Church Tower, Polwarth Terrace Construction 1913 Closeburn
143 Canongate redevelopment, Nos. 202-254 Construction 1966 Clashach
60 Capital House, Lothian Road Construction 1985 Woodkirk
24 Central Library, George IV Bridge Construction 1890 Polmaise
55 Fat Sams (formerly Central Meat Market), West Fountainbridge Construction 1890 Corncockle
34 Charity Workhouse, Forrest Hill (part only surviving) Construction 1743 City
20 Charles II Statue pedestal, Parliament Square Plinth 1835 Craigleith
91 Charlotte Square, north side Construction 1795 Craigleith
after 1805 Redhall
Charlotte Street tenements, Leith Construction 1870 Grange
185 Chessels Court, Canongate Construction 1969 Clashach
83 Cheyne Street, Nos. 15-19 Refacing 1984 Dunhouse
The Church of the Good Shepherd, Construction 1897 Hailes
Murrayfield Avenue
17 City Art Centre, Market Street Construction 1902 Prudham
City Art Centre, Market Street 1979 Woodburn
15 City Chambers, High Street Construction 1761 Craigleith
City Chambers, High Street Additions 1904 Longannet
City Chambers, High Street Construction 1934 Prudham
Cockburn Street extension Construction Darney
City Hospital, Greenbank Drive Construction 1903 Closeburn
138 City Observatory House, Calton Hill Dressings 1792 Craigleith
City Observatory House, Calton Hill Rubble Local volcanic rock and sandstone
138 City Observatory, Calton Hill Construction 1818 Craigleith
Additions 1895 Binny
Cluny Gardens, No. 1 Construction 188o Corsehill
Hailes ('pink')
67 Coates Crescent Ashlar c.1820 Hailes
71 Coates Gardens Construction 1876 Dalmeny
16 Cockburn Street Construction 1864 Bishopbriggs
Coltbridge Hall, Coltbridge Terrace, Construction 1874 Dunmore
Murrayfield (St George's School)
Comiston Drive, villas at the west end Construction pre-1940 Braehead
Corstorphine Old Parish Church, Kirk Loan Reconstruction 1646 Ravelston
Corstorphine Old Parish Church, Kirk Loan Internal restoration 1905 Prudham
Corstorphine Old Parish Church, Kirk Loan

Figures & War Memorial

Interior 1923 Ravelston No. 2
Craigcrook Castle Additions 1891 Craigton
Craigcrook Road, bungalows and villas Construction 1939 Ravelston No. 2
Craighall Gardens, villas Construction 1899 Prudham
Craigmillar Castle Construction late 15th century Craigmillar
141 Crown Office Buildings, Calton Hill (former Royal High School) Construction 1829 Craigleith
26 Crown Office, Chambers Street (formerly Heriot-Watt University) Construction 1886 Prudham
57 Dairy Primary School, Dairy Road Construction 1877 Hailes
80 Daniel Stewart and Melville College, Queensferry Road Construction 1848 Binny
14 David Hume Statue, High Street Plinth 1997 Clashach
77 Dean Bridge Construction 1832 Craigleith
78 Dean Cemetery Wall Dressed work 1915 Woodburn
Rubble work Hailes
Dean Terrace, No. 16 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
94 Debenham's, 109-112 Princes Street Construction above street level 1884 Polmaise
94 Debenham's, Rose Street Construction 1884 Hermand
Dewar Place ?Repairs 1998 Stoke Hall
Dick Place Construction 1865 City
98 Dolcis, 70 Princes Street Construction 1886 Corsehill
103 Dome Bar (formerly Royal Bank of Scotland), 14 George Street Construction 1847 Binny
73 Donaldson's School for the Deaf, West Coates Construction 1851 Binny
74 Drumsheugh Gardens, Nos. 42 and 43 Construction 1877 Polmaise
Duddingston Kirk, Old Church Lane Construction 17th century Craigmillar
137 Dugald Stewart Monument, Calton Hill Construction 1831 Humble
Pillars 1997 (West Lothian)
Dundas Street, Nos. 18-20 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road Construction 1999 Stanton Moor
149 East Broughton Place Church Hall Dressings 1887 Corsehill
East Hermitage Place, Nos. 9-11, Leith Construction 1883 Dalmeny
85 The Edinburgh Academy, Henderson Row Construction 1824 Craigleith
The Edinburgh Academy, Jeffrey and Scott Dressings 1899 Corncockle
Boarding Houses, Kinnear Road Locharbriggs
9 Edinburgh Castle and The Shrine (17th to 20th century) Construction 1616 St Cuthbert's
1619 Craigleith
1628 Maidencraig
1639 Craigmillar
Restoration 1978 Clashach
Edinburgh Castle Hall of Honour, National War Memorial Construction 1927 Doddington
Historic Scotland, Longmore House, Salisbury Place Interior floor Ledmore (marble)
183 Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel, High Street(formerly Scandic Crown Hotel) Rubble and dressed work 1990 Dunhouse
146 Holyrood Palace (mainly 16th century) Barnbougle
16th century Leith Hill
Construction 1616 Niddrie
Paving and steps 1983 Queensferry
Construction 1859 Ravelston
St Cuthbert's
Fountain Binny
168 Howe Street, No. 39 Mouldings 1982 Spynie
India Street, Nos. 8-12 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
India Street, Nos. 17,19 and 21 Dunhouse
164 International Conference Centre, Morrison Street Construction 1996 Stoke Hall
105 Jenner's, Princes Street Construction 1895 Cragg
105 Jenner's, Rose Street Construction 1890 Gatelawbridge
177 John Lewis extension, Leith Walk Cladding Stainton
157 King's Theatre, Tollcross Construction 1904 Closeburn
182 Lady Glenorchy's Church, Roxburgh Place Construction 1913 Cullalo
Landsdowne Crescent, No. 3 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
31 Lauriston Place, ground floor Repairs 1981 Woodkirk
Lawnmarket, north side tenements Construction 1690s Burgh Muir
and Craigmillar
Leith Academy Annexe, Lochend Road Construction 1887 Corncockle
Leith Bulwark Construction 1555 Burgh Muir
Leith Docks Construction 1876 Craigleith
1896 Craigmillar
Leith Town Hall, Constitution Street Construction 1827 Craigleith
171 Leslie Place, No.12 Indents 1982 Spynie
150 London Street School Construction 1887 Prudham
London Street, Nos. 5-9 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
London Street, Nos. 11-13
58 Lothian House, Lothian Road — including stone relief of a canal barge Construction 1936 Blaxter
Luckenbooths, tenements Construction 1741 Burgh Muir (Bruntsfield)
72 Magdala Crescent Construction 1876 Dalmeny
151 Mansfield Place Church (formerly Bellevue Construction 1885 Plean
Reformed Baptist Church), East London Street Woodburn
5o Marchmont Crescent, No. 38 (tenement) Construction 1881 Clunevar
95 Marks and Spencer, 104 Princes Street Construction 1980 Dunhouse
Mayfield Road villas Rubble 1920 Hawkhill Wood
Facework Doddington
37 McEwan Hall, Teviot Place Construction 1897 Polmaise
Columns (2nd floor) Prudham
158 Meadows West Commemorative Pillars and Sundial, West Meadow Park, Melville Drive Individual ashlar blocks 1886 Ballochmyle
Parkhead (Woodburn)
36 Medical School, Teviot Place Construction 1886 Polmaise
117 Melville Monument, St Andrew Square Construction 1823 Cullalo
19 Mercat Cross, Parliament Square Restoration 1885 Hermand
89 Merchant's Hall, 22 Hanover Street Construction 1866 Dullatur
1901 Prudham
Merchiston Crescent, tenements Construction 1888 Cragg
54 Methodist Central Hall, Tollcross Construction 1901 Doddington
144 Milton House School, Canongate Construction 1886 Corncockle Hailes ('grey')
184 Moray House Teacher Training College, Holyrood Road Repairs 1970 Clashach
Moray Place, No. 14 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
Morningside tenements Construction 1885 Gunnerton
Mound Place, tenements Construction late 18th century Burgh Muir (Bruntsfield) and Craigmillar
Murrayfield Parish Church, Abinger Gardens Construction 1905 Hailes Prudham
27 Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Cladding 1998 Clashach
Napier University, Merchiston Tower, No.10 Colinton Road Construction c.15th century Burgh Muir
Later work Hailes
Restoration 1958 Doddington
156 National Gallery of Modern Art (formerly John Watson's School), Belford Road Construction 1825 Craigleith
5 National Gallery, The Mound Construction 1859 Binny
47 National Library of Scotland, 33 Salisbury Place, Causewayside Construction 1987 Newbigging
Phase II 1994 Newbigging
22 National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge Construction 1955 Blaxter
140 National Monument, Calton Hill (Detail) Construction 1829 Craigleith
114 National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street Construction 1890 Corsehill
139 Nelson Monument, Calton Hill Construction 1816 Craigleith
12 New College and Assembly Hall, The Mound Construction 1850 Binny
Paving and steps Hailes
127 New Register House, West Register Street, east end Construction 1863 Longannet
New Restalrig Parish Church, Willowbrae Road Construction 1890 Corsehill
41 Nicolson Street Church (Civic Centre) Indents and repairs 1986 Stainton
40 Nicolson Street, No. 82 Rubble work late 18th century Salisbury(dolerite)
North Bridge Construction 1773 Maidencraig
North Junction Street, Leith Construction 1891 Clunevar
North Morningside (United Presbyterian) Construction 1881 Dunmore
Church, Chamberlain Road Polmaise
179 Norwich Union Insurance Group, 32 St Andrew Square Construction 1970 Prudham
28 Old College, The University of Edinburgh Construction 1827 Craigleith
Dome Construction 1879 Grange
118 Old Waverley Hotel, 43 Princes Street Construction 1887 Cragg
Oxgangs Road, houses Construction 1930 Locharbriggs
70 Palmerston Place Church, west side Construction 1875 Polmaise
68 Palmerston Place, east side Construction 1880s Dalmeny
Nos. 15-21 Indents 1985 Dunhouse
21 Parliament House, High Street Freestone 1639 Burgh Muir
Rubble 1633 Ravelston
Facade 1810 Society
176 Paton Building/York Place, Nos. 1-3 Restoration 1998 Clashach
Prince Regent Street tenements, Leith Construction 1882 Grange
97 Princes Street, Nos. 91-93 Construction 1960 Heworthburn
Prudential Assurance, 2 St Andrew Square Construction 1895 Locharbriggs
172 Queen Street, No. 8 Construction 1771 Craigleith
186 Queen Street, Nos. 2-3 Construction Prudham
76 Randolph Cliff tenement, northern corner Construction 1849 Craigleith
75 Randolph Crescent Construction 1820s Redhall
Redford Barracks, Colinton Road Hewn work 1915 Black Pasture
Rubble Doddington
Redhall Bank Road, Nos. 8-10 (quarrymen's cottages) Construction 1850s Redhall
131 Regent Bridge, arch Construction 1815 Craigmillar
128 Register House, east end of Princes Street Craigleith
Construction Hailes
Gallery construction 1778 Craigleith
Paving 1789 Hailes
Construction 1820s Craigleith
Paving 1834 Carmyllie
Construction Hailes
? Binny
Reid Memorial Church, West Savile Terrace Ashlar 1933 Doddington
Rubble Hawkhill Wood
Roofing Caithness
Roseburn Primary School, Roseburn Street Squared rubble 1893 Hailes ('pink' and 'blue')
Dressings Corsehill
Roseburn Terrace tenements Construction 1882 Clunevar
Ross Road villas Facework 1920 Braehead
Rubble Hawkhill Wood
122 Royal Bank of Scotland (formerly National Bank of Scotland), No. 42 St Andrew Square Construction 1936 Darney
Base Rubislaw
39 Royal Bank of Scotland, Nicolson Street Construction 1902 Corncockle
124 Royal Bank of Scotland, No. 36 St Andrew Square Construction 1774 Ravelston
167 Royal Crescent, Nos. 8-11 Restoration 1979 Springwell
46 Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, Summerhall Dressings 1916 Doddington
Rubble work Hailes
35 Royal Infirmary, Lauriston Place Construction 1879 Hailes
Jubilee Pavilion Construction 1897 Corsehill
Extensions Construction Cullalo
Simpson Maternity Pavilion Construction 1935 Blaxter
27 Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street Indents 1986 Stainton
Figures Sculptures 1861 Doddington
West wing Construction 1889 Hermand
Extension to south Construction 1934 Cullalo
Lecture Theatre, Lothian Street Construction 1961 Blaxter
Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill Construction 1892 Doddington
Extensions Construction 1967 Woodkirk
96 Royal Overseas League, 100 Princes Street (formerly Windsor Hotel) Construction 1880 Dalmeny
6 Royal Scots Monument, West Princes Street Gardens Construction 1950 Doddington
4 Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound Construction 1826 Cullalo
Additions 1836 Humble
(West Lothian)
Queen Victoria Statue Sculpture 1844 Binny
49 Royal Sick Children's Hospital, Sciennes Road Construction 1892 Corsehill
no St Andrew's and St George's Church, George Street Ashlar 1784 Redhall
Columns Craigleith
115 St Andrew Square oldest buildings, Nos. 21, 22, 26 Construction 1772 Bearford's Parks
178 St Andrew Square, No. 9, upper elevations: Cladding 1962 Derbydene limestone
Street level: Bon Accord (black granite)
116 St Andrew Square, No. 28 and North St David Street (west side) (formerly Scottish Equitable Assurance) Construction 1899 Doddington
180 St Andrew Square, No. 35 Construction 1781 Craigleith
135 St Andrew's House, Calton Hill Construction 1939 Darney
St Anne's Church, St John's Road, Corstorphine Rock faced 1912 Hailes (pink)
Columns Cullalo
St Anne's Church Hall, Corstorphine Construction 1928 Craigmillar
St Anthony's Chapel, Arthur's Seat Rubble Late medieval Local volcanic rocks
170 St Bernards Crescent, No. 1a Indents 1982 Spynie
18 St Giles Cathedral (High Kirk), High Street Facing 1833 Cullalo
Interior 1911 Cullalo
Access to undercroft Interior access 1984 Lazonby
St James Episcopal Church, Inverleith Row Construction 1885 Corsehill
St James Square, Nos. 23-26 Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
8 St John's, Princes Street Construction 1818 Redhall
Indents Stainton
69 St Mary's Cathedral School Construction 1885 Hermand
69 St Mary's Cathedral, Palmerston Place Construction 1917 Cullalo
Spire Construction 1917 Black Pasture
129 St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral. ? repairs 1891 Purdovan
Broughton Street Repairs 1978 Woodkirk
181 St Mary's Street, No. 32 Restoration 1983 Stanton Moor
130 St Paul's and St George's Episcopal Church Construction 1818 Redhall
St Stephen Street, Nos. 20-60 Refacing 1980 Darney
84 St Stephen's Church, St Vincent Street Construction 1828 Craigleith
82 St Stephen's Comely Bank Parish Church,

10 Comely Bank Road

Construction 1901 Corsehill
St Vincent Street, Nos. 10-14 Repairs 1998 Stainton
Nos. 16-18a 1981 Darney
Sainsbury's plc Supermarket, Queensferry Road, entrance facade Construction 1993 Stainton
63 Saltire Court, Castle Terrace Construction 1991 Stainton
48 Sciennes Primary School, Sciennes Road Construction 1889 Hailes
3 The Scott Monument, Princes Street Construction 1846 Binny
Indents 1975 Clashach
no Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre (formerly Castlehill School) Margins 1896 Corncockle
Rock face ashlar Hailes ('blue')
Scotland Street, Nos. 29-31a Repairs 1979 Darney
17 Scotsman Offices, North Bridge Construction 1902 Prudham
145 Scottish & Newcastle plc, 111 Holyrood Road Construction 1961 Blaxter
112 Scottish Life Assurance Company, Construction 1962 Springwell
2 North St David Street Wellfield
Entrance columns Larvikite
163 Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance Society Morrison Street Construction 1997 Clashach
7 Scottish/American War Memorial, West Princes Street Gardens Seafield Lodge Construction 1927 Ravelston No. 2
Construction 1888 Grange
61 Sheraton Hotel, Lothian Road (front only) Construction 1985 Wellfield
23 Sheriff Court House, 27-29 Chambers Street Construction 1997 Catcastle
155 South Buchanan Street, tenements Construction 1881 Auchinlea
126 South St Andrew Street, No. 7 Construction 1886 Cragg
125 South St Andrew Street, Nos. 11-13, lob Centre Construction Wellfield
120 South St Andrew Street, Nos. 10-18 York Place Construction 1915 Blaxter
111 Standard Life Assurance extension, Thistle Street Construction 1964 Blaxter
Entrance paving Spittal
162 Standard Life, Lothian Road Construction 1997 Stainton
113 Stock Exchange, North St David Street Construction 1970s Stainton
38 Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street Construction 1832 Craigton
Humbie (West Lothian)
Thistle Foundation, Robin Chapel, Niddrie Mains Road Construction 1953 Doddington
11 Tolbooth St John's Church, Lawnmarket Construction 1844 Binny
133 Trinity College Church, Chalmers Close

(15th-16th century, rebuilt on present site 1872)

Construction 1872 Bearford's Parks
Trinity villas Construction 1883 Auchinlea
25 Tron Kirk, High Street Construction 1647 Society
1787 Craigleith
Repairs 1976 Craigleith
Spire Construction 1828 Humble
(West Lothian)
109 Trustee Savings Bank, George Street, Nos. 120-124 Facing 1986 Dunmore (new)
Paving in the entrance hall and atrium Ross of Mull (pink granite)
Turnhouse Airport Terminal Construction 1954 Auchinlea
Tynecastle School Annexe, Gorgie Road Construction 1876 Redhall
Union Street, Nos. lo-12a/Forth Street Repairs 1998 Stanton Moor
62 Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace Construction 1835 Cullalo
United Distillers, Distillers House, 33 Eltersly Road Construction 1981 Wellfield
64 Usher Hall, Lothian Road Construction 1914 Darney
32 Vennel area, Bastion and Flodden Wall Construction 16th century Burgh Muir
Victoria Primary School, Newhaven Main Street Construction 1884 Grange
52 Warrender Park Crescent, Nos. 1-8 Construction 1881 Blair
136 Waterloo Place, columns Construction 1815 Craigleith
29 West Port Church (no longer a church) Construction 1844 Hermand
90 West Register House — formerly St George's Church, Charlotte Square Construction 1814 Craigleith
Westerlea School, Ellersly Road Construction 1869 Dullatur
Western General Hospital, Surgical Neurology Building: Construction 1952 Blaxter
Western General Hospital, Radiotherapy Building 1956 Blaxter
Yardheads School, Giles Street, Leith Construction 1887 Gunnerton
Zoology Department, The University of Edinburgh, King's Buildings, West Mains Road Construction 1929 Blaxter

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