Southern Region Chalk Group Lithostratigraphy: Bristow et al. (1997) - Portsdown Chalk

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The Portsdown Chalk follows the lithostratigraphical concept of Mortimore (1986a), and comprises white, flinty chalk with common marl seams. It probably exceeds 60 m in the Isle of Wight (Wood, WH/95/32R, WH/95/31R; Bailey et al., 1983), although Bristow et al. (1997) reported about half this thickness beneath the Tertiary erosion surface in Dorset. The lower part is characterised by common inoceramid bivalve shell fragments, and finely comminuted shell debris in both chalk and marl (Bristow et al., 1997). A distinctive belt of typically orangey-brown skinned Zoophycos flints, named the Précy Zoophycos by Mortimore & Pomerol (1987), occur near the base of the Portsdown Chalk and in the top of the underlying Spetisbury Chalk. The base of the Portsdown Chalk is a negative topographic feature at the base of an escarpment, apparently formed by the upward change to less flinty chalk, and approximately coincident with the Portsdown Marl of Mortimore (1986a) (Bristow et al., 1997). The Portsdown Chalk is the youngest mappable subdivision of the Chalk Group recognised by Bristow et al. (1997), and includes in its topmost part the Studland Chalk of Gale et al. (1987).

Macrofossil Biozonation: top G. quadrata Zone & B. mucronata Zone (pars)

Correlation: see Correlation with other Southern Region successions

see Correlation with other UK successions


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See: Portsdown Chalk (Mortimore, 1986a), Précy Zoophycos, Portsdown Marl