Southern Region Chalk Group Lithostratigraphy: Sussex lithostratigraphy of Mortimore (1986a) - Culver Chalk Member

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The Culver Chalk Member (holostratotype:Whitecliff, Isle of Wight [SZ 639 856]), c. 80 m thick locally in the Isle of Wight (Mortimore, 1986b), is marked by the upper Castle Hill Marl at the base and Portsdown Marl at the top. Only the lower and middle parts of the Member are exposed in Sussex, higher intervals being exposed in old pits around Portsdown in Hamphire (Mortimore, 1986a &b). The member comprises soft to very soft, regularly flinty chalk, with marl seams restricted to the basal few metres (Mortimore, 1986a). Mortimore (1986a) subdivided the succession as follows:

Member Beds
Culver Chalk Whitecliff
Castle Hill

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See: marl, flint