Southerness Limestone Member

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Southerness Limestone Member (SOLM), Carboniferous, Northern England Province[edit]

Southerness Limestone Member is part of the Lyne Formation


Previously known as the Southerness Beds (Craig, 1956 [1]; Deegan, 1970 [2] ) and the Southerness Limestone Formation (Lintern and Floyd, 2000[3]). The status is changed to that of a member.


Interbedded fossiliferous marine limestone, mudstone and minor siltstone, with thick beds of bioturbated sandstone and prominant algal horizons. See Craig (1956)[1]; Deegan (1970)[2].


The partial type section of the Southerness Limestone Member occupies a 0.5 km stretch of coast about 400 m west of the lighthouse at Southerness (NX 968 543 to 973 541). The strata are deformed by a gently north-east plunging anticline within the eastern limb of which are exposed some 135 m of fossiliferous, thin-bedded, calcareous mudstones, siltstones and limestones, with four thin beds of calcareous sandstone (Lintern and Floyd, 2000[3], p. 78).

Lower and upper boundaries[edit]

The base is not exposed, but the boundary is probably gradational with the thinly interbedded siltstones and argillaceous limestones (‘cementstones’) of the Kirkbean Cementstone Member of the Ballagan Formation (Inverclyde Group).

The top of the member has a gradational contact with strata of the Gillfoot Sandstone Member of the Fell Sandstone Formation (Figure 10, Column 2).


More than 135 m.

Distribution and regional correlation[edit]

Southerness shore, Southerness, Kirkcudbrightshire, south-western Scotland (Southern Uplands).


Courceyan to Arundian


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